Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wistful Dad Thinking Of 2008

Cyberpaw pals, Dad is being wistful.  Ten years ago today Grand Ma (Dad's Mom) crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Neither of us were there, but Great Auntie Essex told Sherman all about that day.  Dad drove three days all the way from Key West to Northern Ohio.  He was tired but arrived before Grand Ma crossed.
Grand Ma With Brudder Steve Circa 1967
Essex told Sherman that Dad was close to her.  Grand Paw was there but worked the night shift when Dog Dad grew up.  Dad didn't see as much of Grand Paw as he would have liked.  Mom was there to raise the children though.  She did the best she could.  Grand Ma wasn't perfect, but she did a good job raising them.  All of the kids felt loved.

Essex and Deacon kept Dad sane the days after Grand Ma crossed.  Doing everyday things like walkies does wonder for a hooman's mind.  Essex talked about how she and Deacon loved the snow and played with their pals Cassie and Hattie.  Sadly all of those pups have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Essex the Snow Princess
Hattie, Cassie, Essex & Deacon Playing 
Deacon In The Snow 
Essex & Deacon Playing
The memories of growing up are still there for Dog Dad.  Most of them are good memories, some are sad.  That is life.  Grand Ma, Grand Paw, Essex and Deacon have all left their footprint and paw prints in Dad's heart.
Paw Prints In The Snow
The two of us are keeping Dog Dad company now.  Licking a face or hand does wonders for him.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Love you Mom.  I'm giving you a hug in my mind.

Dog Dad

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Watching Over Dad

Well cyberpaw pals, our Dad got sick this weekend.  We think it might have been the flu bug.  Plenty of rest, OJ, chicken noodle soup, NyQuil and a strong dose of collies watching him, helped him get better.  Dad was pretty much himself early Monday.

Thank dogness, Dad was well enough to take us out for our walks.  We would have been really sad if he couldn't do that. 
Sherman Just Sniffing
Gemini - A Long Cool Collie Getting A Drink
We are enjoying the cool weather.  Lots of running around at Angel Paws and our yard.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 In Review

To all of our cyber paw pals a Barky New Year and a pawtastic 2018 “The Year of the Dog.”  We hope that 2017 brings a lot less Herricanes.

= = = = = = = = = =

05 February - New England wins first overtime Super Bowl.

Gemini, Sora and Sky

Jenna and Odie
25 August - Herricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas.

10 September - Herricane Irma hits the Florida Keys.
We Stayed At Gandalf's Home During Herricane Irma
20 September - Herricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico 

23 September - We return to Key West.

                 - The Las Vegas shootings

16 October - Herricane Ophelia makes land fall in Ireland.

30 November - Brudder cat, Rocky, crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

31 December - Post Number 700.
                    - Our Pal Navy arrives in Key West

Sunday, December 31, 2017

700th Post

This is our 700th  post and we will celebrate it by talking about an event that significantly changed Dog Dad’s life fourteen years ago.  31 December 2003 is the day Dad drove north from Key West and was adopted by Essex.  She was the last of her litter to be adopted.  Dad is convinced he got the best puppy from that litter.  He had contacted Lil at Holmhaven Collies earlier that month and found out she was still available. 
Essex Holmhaven Puppy Pawtograph
Essex Investigating Her Home
Essex Walking Around Her Home The First Time
Essex Sleeping On Her Back
Dad drove three and a half hours north to Holmhaven.  When he arrived Essex came over and chewed on his shoe lace.  Dad gave her a belly rub and she was smitten with him.  Dad and Essex got in the collie-mobile and Essex panicked.  She wanted to stay with her brother Buddy.  She climbed up Dad’s arm and cried for about ten minutes.  Dog Dad kept stroking her and spoke in calm steady voice.  Essex relaxed to that voice.  Half way to Key West Dad stopped so Essex could go potty.

Essex fell asleep and awoke when the truck stopped at home.  Dad let her investigate the yard and a strong bond grew between the two.  That night Essex woke up Dad to go to the bathroom by licking his foot. 

Essex changed Dad’s life so many ways.  Angel Paws Dog Park was built the month Essex arrived in Key West.  Dad and Essex discovered it a couple months latter.  There are so many pups and hoomans Dad has met over the years.  Some were met at Angel Paws, some due to the Key West Collie blog, others were pups from Holmhaven Collies, and then there was a place called Dog’s With Blogs.  In 2007 the collies joined Dog’s With Blogs which was kind of like Camelot.   Essex and Deacon sadly saw that group fade away several short years after it started.  Fortunately the chat room remains and the Collies still chat with our pal angel-dog Skye and some other pups on most Sundays. 
Angel Paws
Essex Created A Dirt Path From Fence Patrol

There are sad and happy memories.  Dad has visions of Essex on fence patrol and dirt path she created along the fence line.  He remembers Essex staying by his bed when he was sick, her gentle lick, her sleeping on her back and how they watched out after each other.
Essex And Deacon 
Deacon's Holmhaven Puppy Pawtograph
Sherman At Holmhaven
Essex and Sherman Shortly After Leaving Holmhaven
Sherman and Gemini Leaving Holmhaven
Sherman and Gemini Playing In Their Yard
Later Deacon came to live with them and crossed the rainbow bridge far too soon.  Sherman came to fill the hole in Dad’s heart after that crossing.  Little Gemini took her time arriving after Essex’s crossed.  It was worth the wait.  Essex and Deacon definitely left there are paw prints in Dad’s heart.  Sherman and Gemini are putting paw prints there too.  God bless the collies.  Dad thanks them for adopting him and knows they made him a better hooman. 

February 2008 - Essex and Deacon Paw Prints in the Snow
Dog Speed

Sherman, Gemini and Dog Dad

Friday, December 29, 2017

29 December 2018

Everything has been quiet at Angel Paws.  We are waiting to see our pal Navy at the park.  In the meanwhile we see Kira, Anubis and Bo at times.  Gemini doesn't play much with any of those pups.  Instead she gets the zoomies and plays with Sherman.
We will be in the DWB chat room on New Years Eve, bringing in the 2018.  Our pals Skye and Betty's Mom will be there.  Pee-mail us if you want to join us and we will send you the link.

Dogs Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, December 25, 2017

Essexmas 2017

We hope that every paw had a pawtastic Essexmas.  We had cheddar collies and enjoyed having Dad around for most of the day.  After taking us to the park and feeding us, Dad went to visit his buddy Ed. 

Dad is catching up on doing his Essexmas cards.  He has been behind in things ever since Herricane Irma payed us a visit.  That pesky yard work and trying to straighten out the house has kept him busy.

God bless you all.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Saturday, December 23, 2017

23 December 2017

Dad told us he would be home all week with us.  We did the happy dance.  Dad will spend time cleaning up the house and yard.  Of course there will be time for Angel Paws Dog Park.  That is our favorite place to go.
Gemini Taking A Break
Sherman Plodding Along
Dad visited our friends living in Cudjoe Key.  Dad didn't bring us because he was unsure what damage they had suffered from Irma.  We are glad to report that Bill and Kay are doing well.  They had quite an adventure.  Bella, Don and Patrice were doing okay too.  Bella asked where we were.  Both of friends had damage to their first floors, but the second floor living areas were in pawsome shape.  They were all happy to get Dad's Essexmas cookies.

Angel Paws has been hit and miss.  Sometimes there are pups there, other times only us.  The RV park had been closed due to the damage from Herricane Irma.  It was not a priority to fix.  We are looking forward to seeing our pals latter this month and in 2018.

Dad was talking to his brudder, when the battery on the phone died.  Dad figured they didn't have anything left to talk about, so he didn't call him back.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini