Sunday, March 25, 2018


Cyberpaw pals, we wonder into Angel Paws Friday and we saw Sherman's Doppelganger.  It is a collie visiting from Ohio.  Dad strikes up a conversation quickly and finds out about our visitor.  He is from North West Ohio and has been down here for a couple months.  His name is McGee, which is a pawsome name.  Unfortunately our new collie pal will be departing late next week.  We hope he will come down next year and that we will see him.
McGee Roaming Angel Paws 
McGee Sitting by His Hoomans

At first glance it is hard to tell the two apart.  The things that a Dog Parent see is that Sherman's ears are tipped while McGee's are straight up.  Not quite as big as our Collie Angel Deacon though.  Next was the nose, you can see some white around McGee, while Sherman doesn't have any white.  Last is the tail Sherman's is parallel to the ground, while McGee's forms what Dad calls the Shepherds Crook (up and curved).
Sherman Leads The Way, McGee Follows
For the most of the month we have been laying around Angel Paws or playing with other pups.  Dad has been meaning to post, but keeps forgetting to bring his camera.  Here are a few pawtographs of us resting at Angel Paws.
Gemini Looking Pretty
Sherman Protecting A Tennis Ball
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 - Angel Paws Regulars

We finally got Dad to bring his camera and take some pawtographs of the new pups showing up at Angel Paws.  We still see Kira and Bo too.

First there is Sol and Luna, they are American Eskimo dogs.  Sol is the bigger of the two and plays with Gemini.  Usually Luna doesn't want to play with Gemini, but today was an exception.  We are hoping that Luna is finally getting use to Gemini.
Luna and Sol 
Next is Ellie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier.  She is used to both of us.  She will let Sherman know if he does something wrong.  Ellie will get up on people and loves chasing balls.  Dad told us she reminded him of Ollie.  Many dog moons ago in the year 2009, Ollie would play with Deacon.  Dad smiled a lot when he told us about Ollie, Essex and Deacon.
The last new regular we will talk about is a Bloodhound named Houser.  Houser likes to bark at golf carts and skateboards.  So he sometimes helps Sherman do Fence Patrol  Neither is obsessed with Fence Patrol as Essex.
Our land line isn't working.  We called the phone company and they are working on it.  If need be they will send a phone pawson to our home Thursday.  Dad used the phone check box and there is no signal coming from outside the house.
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, February 26, 2018

Gemini Nose Update

We have been meaning to post, but we've been busy helping Dad around the house.  We will hopefully post the next two days as well.  
My What A Big Nose You Have Gemini
First is an update about Gemini's nose.  The medicine worked and her nose looks as pawsome as ever.  No more sore, scab or pink skin.  The antibiotics and antibacterial soap did wonders.  You can't tell that she ever had a problem.  

She is as playful as ever and is one happy pretty pup.  Hopefully Dad will remember to take his camera to the park tomorrow.  That way we can introduce you to some new regulars at Angel Paws.

Dog speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Collie Knows

Gemini went visited the vet today.  Dad was worried because he thought she might have collie nose.  We told Dad that "Collies knows all kinds of things."  Dad just shook his head.
Monday - 29 JAN
31 JAN - The Spot Gotten Bigger
Around Wednesday last week Dad noticed Gemini's nose looked different.  It was rough on top.  When Saturday rolled around, Dad knew they were going to the vet.  He set up an appointment on Monday for today.  From Monday till today (Wednesday) the nose looked worse.  Doc looked at her and took a biopsy.  He told Dad it was a bacteria and fungal infection.  We have pills and a antiseptic scrub for her nose.  Gemini will be fine, though she was here typical active self all day.
A Super Blue Moon
As for this morning we got to see a Super Blue Moon.  The eclipse portion didn't show well in Key West, so we didn't see the blood moon part.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, January 29, 2018

Sad News From Connecticut

Cyberpaw pals we have sad news to relay.  Our friends at Moon Dance Huskies experienced a house fire on Monday 22 January.  Fortunately the pups and humans made it out safely.  Sadly three of the five cats crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Early that morning their Dog Mom woke up, heard a pop and saw a six foot flame in her bedroom.  Lakota and Crystal made it to safety.  However our cybercat pals OJ, Latte and Beloved ran and hid and crossed the bridge.  Skye welcomed them there, but we are sad to see such young ones cross the bridge.  Here is a link to the story about the fire and a video clip The husky you wee in the video is our pal Lakota being led away from the fire.
Latte and OJ Relaxing
Dad has known Skye's Dog Mom since the days of Essex and Deacon.  All three are Angel Dogs now.  Right now Skye’s Mom is living in a hotel.  The frame of the house is okay as is the roof.  The rest of the house is damaged and they will not be able to move in for quite sometime.  The sled team is the animal shelter and their Dog Mom goes every day to feed and talk to them.  
2012 - A Shaved OJ
Sherman Missing Some Fur - 2012
We get together most Sundays to chat, and it was quite a jolt when we found out about the bridge crossing.  Some of you may remember the great fur growing race between Sherman and OJ during November to December 2012.  We will think of OJ crossing the pond to visit our pal Blue.  Then there were conversations with Anne and Betty's Mom. 

We will miss our cyber-cat pals and their tall tails.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemi

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wistful Dad Thinking Of 2008

Cyberpaw pals, Dad is being wistful.  Ten years ago today Grand Ma (Dad's Mom) crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Neither of us were there, but Great Auntie Essex told Sherman all about that day.  Dad drove three days all the way from Key West to Northern Ohio.  He was tired but arrived before Grand Ma crossed.
Grand Ma With Brudder Steve Circa 1967
Essex told Sherman that Dad was close to her.  Grand Paw was there but worked the night shift when Dog Dad grew up.  Dad didn't see as much of Grand Paw as he would have liked.  Mom was there to raise the children though.  She did the best she could.  Grand Ma wasn't perfect, but she did a good job raising them.  All of the kids felt loved.

Essex and Deacon kept Dad sane the days after Grand Ma crossed.  Doing everyday things like walkies does wonder for a hooman's mind.  Essex talked about how she and Deacon loved the snow and played with their pals Cassie and Hattie.  Sadly all of those pups have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Essex the Snow Princess
Hattie, Cassie, Essex & Deacon Playing 
Deacon In The Snow 
Essex & Deacon Playing
The memories of growing up are still there for Dog Dad.  Most of them are good memories, some are sad.  That is life.  Grand Ma, Grand Paw, Essex and Deacon have all left their footprint and paw prints in Dad's heart.
Paw Prints In The Snow
The two of us are keeping Dog Dad company now.  Licking a face or hand does wonders for him.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Love you Mom.  I'm giving you a hug in my mind.

Dog Dad

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Watching Over Dad

Well cyberpaw pals, our Dad got sick this weekend.  We think it might have been the flu bug.  Plenty of rest, OJ, chicken noodle soup, NyQuil and a strong dose of collies watching him, helped him get better.  Dad was pretty much himself early Monday.

Thank dogness, Dad was well enough to take us out for our walks.  We would have been really sad if he couldn't do that. 
Sherman Just Sniffing
Gemini - A Long Cool Collie Getting A Drink
We are enjoying the cool weather.  Lots of running around at Angel Paws and our yard.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini